Welcome to the website of Lilian Kennedy Brzoska


Lilian Brzoska is one of Scotland's 'Wise Women' bringing the Ancient Ways of our Native Standing Stone Culture into modern life through her knowledge of history, folk lore, Shamanism, inner journeying and Celtic Esoteric teachings.

Lilian has been an active teacher and student of Spirituality, Theosophy, Rune Lore, inner listening, drama, International CoCounselling and related disciplines for thirty years. She co-facilitates a Theosophical Society group in Kirkcaldy and Fife Writes Performance evenings in various venues in Fife. She has attended five International gatherings as a Scottish representative of the Edinburgh T.S. and is co-organising CoCounselling International's European Gathering in Gartmore House in the Trossachs National Park in Scotland in 2018.

Lilian's dream is to co-create spaces in time in which people free themselves from all illusions of powerlessness, exchanging the Truth of their Being, without fear. She is a skilful Life coach who facilitates workshops which support spiritual, artistic and social development, in Fife and in other parts of our beautiful country. She performs her inspired improvised and written work world-wide, if invited to do so. 

Lilian`s diverse talents are expressed through poetry, storytelling, music, improvisation and Co-counselling, helping others flower. She has experienced psychic and spiritual perceptions in relationship with Nature since childhood, for which she is deeply grateful. 

Lilian, interpreting the Ancient Rune Stones, combined with her own Life Experience, can give folk guidance along life’s sometimes challenging path.  So if you need to make a life-changing decision, or simply want to know whether you’re on the right path, you may find her intuitive interpretation & supportive attention invaluable. 

For more information telephone 01592 566865, mobile 0776 5841583 or send a message here.