Lilian's History Tales

Hello, I am Lilian Kennedy Brzoska.

Brzoska is my birth name. My glorious, musical daddy was a Polish Emigrant after being based here during the 2nd World War. My artistic mum hails from Callander in Perthshire. They met on a dance floor and loved one another through thick and thin, marrying in 1950. He naturalised after my younger sister Angela was born and took my mother's name, which at that time was Kennedy. We became The Kennedy Family, with relatives in Poland and our roots firmly anchored by the River Forth in Stirling.

This makes me a hybrid Being connecting Scotland with Eastern Europe in my cellular body and in my Heart. I was born below the Wallace Monument and feel Scotland in my bones. I currently live and work from an individual residence in Fife, in Scotland, though engaged in Co-creative Community Living experiments in Scotland and mainland Europe.  I am a regular traveller between The Worlds, around Scotland, to Cathar areas, Catalonian France and Spain, Ireland, Stirling and Perthshire. I travelled around the world with my daughter when she was very young. I loved New Zealand, San Francisco, Disney World's Epcot Centre and all the places I stayed in Massachusetts. I delight in travelling. I think I travel in many dimensions, as well as on the physical plane and my gratitude overflows.

I belong to The International Theosophical Society Edinburgh Lodge and focus a seed group here in Kirkcaldy. I have been to many Theosophical Society International Conferences in Europe and truly appreciate the depth and beauty of the current members. Co-counselling International in Scotland is one of my beloved peer development projects. I teach Co-counselling and also have a care over the administration of the current CCIS.

I have no car. This is a deliberate choice, made when my daughter was three. I enjoy buses, trains, other people's driving skills and their generousity. I.always appreciate a lift and celebrate sharing many wonderful car journeys. I would be happy to share driving but have no license, since lessons are so expensive and I have always used public transport. I think it is important. I celebrate having walked many miles engaging within the beauty of Scotland. I have a deep relationship with Mother Earth and believe Peak Oil solutions need to be implemented to ensure the survival of our air, our waters and our sanity. 

I currently work as “Silver Birch Productions”. I have a Trustee role with "Attention Fife". I have been their Volunteer Trainer and performance tutor/director/ arts skills provider. We have a holistic approach to our engagement with Families who have children diagnosed as having Attention Deficit disorders of many degrees. We suggest natural solutions, mineral supplements, homoeopathy and co-creative attention sharing, as alternatives to drugs.

I enjoy people of all ages, though not necessarily all people. I prefer meeting generous hearted explorers of Life, though I have spent many hours listening to the woes o' the mean-spirited curmudgeonly, in the hope of lifting their load and freeing their spirits to soar. I celebrate giving much attention to people engaged in transforming their difficult emotions. 

I recognise the rights of all people to enjoy freedom of thought, expression and belief. I particularly enjoy the company of sparkly creative children who like laughing. I would like those who believe in hatred, violence and oppression to change their minds and stop physically, psychically and emotionally bullying the Peaceful Majority and the Planet's creatures, stealing her resources and poisoning her elements. Non-violent communication skills are therefore part of the skill base I offer as I share in co-creative workshops.

I enjoy playing with good Angels and working with the Tuathe de Danaan Nature Spirits  Being. We communicate with All Beings here, to help us navigate this glorious Planet through her next stages of development, in the trust we'll not kill ourselves off before my deeply talented daughter has reached my age and manifest her dreams. 


I love wild Scotland with a passion anchored through all time and space. I practise meditation, singing and dancing to work through all perceived hurt, to stabilise my ability to unconditionally love all beings, including myself. I am a Storyteller and a Writer of songs, Poems and ditties. I act, direct and design for “Silver Birch Productions” and “ Miracle Productions  “ while engaging in “ Miraculous Actions” with friends world-wide. 

Blessed Be. Come. Let's see whether we can co-create miracles together. 

I send Love to all Beings bravely incarnated on Earth at this very challenging exciting time. 

In this video contribution to The Truth and Reconciliation Commission for Britain and Ireland, peace activist Lilian Brzoska speaks of her experience teaching Catholic and Protestant youth in Glasgow.

Lilian offers a controversial theory for the reason behind the recent sectarian attacks involving Celtic and Ranger football clubs. She also explains how disturbing information regarding the nuclear deterrent led her to begin demonstrating near Coulport and Faslane naval base in Argyll & Bute, Scotland - home of the UK's nuclear weapons and Trident.