Abundance thinking and Deep Gratitude.

Funding is a challenge for many organisations at the moment, not just those which host and encourage Personal & Community Arts Development. We give thanks for all the money already flowing through our Arts Confraternity and trust that the necessary Funds have already been located somewhere for us by the Angels of Finance, Abundance and Efficiency. It seems now is the time for us to find what is needed to establish an Inclusive Theatre Base in Scotland, mount a touring Troubadour production, assist Numero 9 plant a retreat Peace Garden and Lilian host Personal and Community Development workshops all around Scotland. Travel further afield is also intended once the anchors are in place and a safe haven established to house the Cauldron of Plenty, to share with those in need, in our care.

Treasure Maps Welcomed

It is our hope someone reading this may have the keys to the Treasure Chests and be willing to pass it over, along with directions to the location of the Treasure which we will be delighted to relocate in the necessary bank accounts to assist the flow of creative work in our European Celtic Community of  World Aware Artists, Community Gardeners and World Attention Givers. Should any emissary of the Funding Angels simply wish to send us a cheque, do a bank transfer or bring in sacks of cash, we have the necessary Bank Account details upon request and a fine team of trustworthy financial caretakers to ensure every penny is spent well. 

Blessings and Love


Lilian says, Thank you so much to every single individual person, every granting body and to every government agent who has supplied the flow of finance to keep me alive until now. Thanks to all the individuals and groups who have housed and fed me in times of need and in times of celebration, creativity, growth and love. I may be naming names here soon. Currently I wish to thank the Department of Health and Pensions,  the Housing Benefit Department and beloved Frank Pilkington. When I have needed shelter, you have sheltered me. Blessed Be..Eternally..

The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members, a heart of grace, and a soul generated by love
— Coretta Scott King

The Chickenshed Theatre/Fifeshed

Inclusive Arts Co-facilitator & Director -  Fifeshed Inclusive Theatre ( FIT )

From September 2007 till June 2009 Lilian was Senior Co-facilitator and Theatre Director for Fifeshed Inclusive Theatre, working with a co-facilitator & a team of skilled volunteers in the Arts Department of Adanm Smith College, Kirkcaldy. Her work included Children's Theatre, Youth Theatre & Adult Theatre Company workshop -rehearsal time each week, leading to a performance on stage / a recording / a video / at the end of terms, varying to reflect the skills being transferred. The Company ran for two years beyond the funded period because the enthusiasm of The Company kept it going, even without cash. It is now closed but could be revived should the funds be found to anchor the Company in a venue.

During her time as Senior Co-facilitator the parent company, Chickenshed, sent facilitators to visit. The following testimonial was written by Paul Morrall  their Director of Education .

Fifeshed Testimonial - “ Fifeshed “ is an inspirational theatre organisation – set up by  chickenshed, in partnership with the Adam Smith College, Fife, with funding from BSkyB. Fife Shed is part of ShedLink, independent ‘Sheds' working with the chickenshed inclusive creative method. Each ‘Shed’ develops its own creative direction but remains associated with chickenshed. To date we have 22 ‘Sheds’ across the U.K. with one in St. Petersburg and another scheduled for Moscow.

Fifeshed is totally committed to providing the most uplifting, high quality inclusive performing arts experiences to the widest possible range of individuals. Chickenshed sees Fifeshed as an essential element in the further development of inclusive theatre in Fife & Scotland. The Fifeshed team are passionate about inclusive theatre and the benefits it can bring to their community. The dedication & energy of their staff, often given in the most challenging of circumstances, needs to be recognised and commended. Fifeshed focuses on & meets needs in Fife with talent, creativity & an untiring generosity of spirit which demands to be supported now & in the future. .Fifeshed does not compromise on its powerful vision for inclusive art and the vision needs to be shared so that many, many individuals can benefit. There is simply nothing like Fifeshed, strong in its unerring and unshakable belief that inclusive theatre helps create an inclusive society.